Get ‘Em Hooked!


Bring customers back again and again when you Engage, Entertain, and Educate with Ari's Garden

To get kids and families excited about visiting your museum or historical site, you must make it fun! Use puzzles and games to

  • Engage visitors with your collections and stories
  • Focus and guide visitors to important features
  • Motivate, challenge, and entertain
  • Reinforce learning and create a memorable experience
  • Extend your reach with take-away books and materials
  • Encourage return visits and further exploration

Books edited, designed, and packaged by Ari's GardenCustom puzzles and activities created and designed by Ari's Garden

Extend Your Reach with Books

Ari’s Garden can help.

  • Edit
  • Interior book design
  • Cover design
  • Set up a CreateSpace account, and teach you to use it
Make Your Message Memorable

Ari’s Garden can help.

  • Identify and distill your message
  • Create puzzles and activities to convey your message
  • Design attractive and effective materials
  • Develop programs to engage and teach